May 22, 2020
Why Some Americans Love Government Lockdowns

Why Some Americans Love Government Lockdowns

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Scientists always carry away the unknown with new tools and technologies. Honest ones recognize the limits of their work. Yet they are moving forward; always in pursuit of an elusive breakthrough.

Charlatans, however, do not care about adding human knowledge. Frustrated by the lack of progress, they have long been disappointed in practical science. What excites them is their university ownership … and how they can use sophisticated tools to increase the profitability of their work.

The science of epidemiology is self-destructed. Mathematical biologists of the death of the Orthodox ruined the profession. The computer model of Imperial College, led by Professor Neil Ferguson – a charlatan – proved completely useless to justify the ban on orders in England and the United States.

If the consequences were just an academic breakdown, mistakes could be corrected by the good name of science. Models may be specified. Input can be improved. No harm, no foul. But the consequences are not an academic disruption. Rather, they are much, much larger.

Public health authorities were deceived. The president and most state governors were confused. Corporate media have been tricked.

In short, far-reaching political decisions were based on fictitious information. Authorities took a nasty virus and a pack of lies and turned it into a disaster. Hundreds of millions of lives have been destroyed.

We assume that this was about to happen …

Worse Great Depression

The economy was doomed even before the coronavirus hit American shores. Debts, deficits, paper money, and decades of short-sighted monetary policy have already overcome this line. Sooner or later, something had to come and break it.

Any crisis against this background would force centrally plan the policy of death. War or natural disaster would be enough. Coronavirus, however, has been specifically designed in this regard. The fake death models of quack epidemiologists demanded that central planners go crazy.

Destruction is breathtaking …

According to recent estimates, the economy was in ruins. You saw the numbers. In the past two months, nearly 39 million Americans have filed initial jobless claims. Many of these jobs will be lost forever. And the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank predicts that US GDP will decline by 42.8 percent in the second quarter.

These unemployment and GDP are much worse than during the Great Depression. The evil that has hit the barrier will be much worse than anything in living memory. This summer will be ugly. In anticipation of the autumn elections will be much worse.

However, public health officials have so distorted the thoughts of mathematical biologists that they are not able to formulate a strategy for how to deal with the disaster virus free. Instead, they turned into idiots … meaningless guidelines how to play tennis safely without cross-contamination of tennis balls.

Why do some Americans like government locks

Again, this is a nasty virus. We do not discount how contagious it is … or that it can lead to the death of older people and people with pre-existing diseases. But, apparently, the apocalyptic prophecies did not come true.

The fact is that the fear of the plague turns out to be much more destructive than the real plague. There are immediate economic consequences of blocking orders. There are also psychological consequences from the loss of fundamental rights, freedoms and freedom.

The American psyche, like the American economy, will not be able to recover quickly after canceling lock orders. Something ominous happened. Although it happened before.

Van bryan writing in Classical WisdomRecently drew our attention to a penetrating understanding of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. From book IX him meditations

“An infected mind is a much more dangerous disease than any plague. One only threatens your life. Another destroys your character.

There is growing evidence that the American character is being destroyed by an infected mind. While some Americans have been rightly enraged by government block orders, there are others who love it. They love forced inflows. Moreover, they like the prospect of free money.

Big business got a lot of help in 2008-09. And big business is getting another big help now. We did not like it then. We do not like it now. Moreover, these salvations of big business have opened the door to saving people.

Incentive checks of $ 1,200 from the Care Act only fuel people’s appetites. Now they want more. In fact, according to one recent poll, 82 percent of Americans want the government to issue more “incentive checks.”

Without a doubt, both political parties will stumble, trying to use the state wallet to buy votes in the election year. Remember that in a democracy, the policies that promise people the most free goodies are those that win. Therefore, people know what they want and deserve to get it well and hard.

Nancy Pelosi Mitch McConnell. Bring it!


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