August 6, 2020
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Extra Crunch Live: Navigating the pandemic with an equitable lens – TechCrunch

Extra Crunch Live: Navigating the pandemic with an equitable lens – TechCrunch

AliExpress WW

Among KOVID-19 In a pandemic, the technology industry was once again in a vulnerable position.

AliExpress WW

As we saw in the dot-com era, when the economy is hit, companies too, and they need to make critical decisions – whether it is firing or firing employees, suspending operations in selected markets, accepting additional debt, or some combination of all four.

Given the disproportionate impact of coronavirus on people of color origin and low-income communities, the tech industry – a predominantly white male ecosystem that fights to promote diversity and integration – has the opportunity to approach this new reality through an objective lens.


Fred Kapor Captain Klein and Mitch Kapor

As part of Extra Crunch Live, our new series of virtual speakers with trusted technical experts, I’ll talk to Kapor capital’s Freda Kapor Klein and Mitch Kapor on Tuesday, April 28, at 10 a.m. PST / 1 p.m. Eastern Europe. Full details at the bottom of this post.

Freda Kapor Klein, founding partner in Kapor Capital, advocates for diversity and inclusion in the technology industry for over ten years. Through Kapor Capital, she invests in startups focused on social impact and filling gaps for people of color and people from low-income communities. Kapor Klein is also one of the founders The project includes, which works to help founders and investors implement effective diversity and integration strategies.

Mitch Kapor, also a founding partner at Kapor Capital, also invests in public benefit startups. Prior to Kapor Capital, he co-founded The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit organization that advocates for digital rights and civil liberties. Together, Mitch and Fred also lead the Kapor Social Impact Center to remove barriers to education and the workplace.

I look forward to talking with Freda and Mitch about how startups should approach this ever-changing new reality, a strategy to help companies eliminate inequalities, and the differences and similarities between how the recent pandemic and dot-com era are shaping the technology industry. ,

During the conversation, audience members will be able to ask questions, but to join the conversation, you need to be a member of Extra Crunch – if you are not a subscriber yet, You can register here,


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